Our Story

The Water for Elephants Trust was founded in 2016 by conservationist Ben Moller near Nata in the wild lands of Botswana’s northeast.

Because of the success of the country's elephant conservation strategy, Botswana harbors these majestic animals in a safe haven. However, as the seasons came and went, the Moller family witnessed the devastating effects of the lengthy dry season on the local wildlife, especially the titanic herd of elephants that called this region home.  

Elephants were dying. Not from a poacher’s bullets but from lack of water.  

This one-two punch would be a knockout blow except for the great conservation strides made by the country and the determination of the Moller family and their team.  

The Moller family, in partnership with the government, have began re-building and maintaining four boreholes in the area. But more action is needed.

The cost of inaction is incalculable.  With elephant populations declining throughout Africa the elephants living here provide a last stand for Earth’s greatest land mammal.  With a limited supply of water, elephants are pushed into tighter areas, depleting the area of vegetation and increasing the risk of human and animal conflict.