Our Mission

Our mission is to build and maintain vital bore holes in Botswana.

Botswana is currently home to an astounding 130,451+ elephants of the 352,271 counted in the great elephant census in 2016, many of which are refugees seeking safety from poaching in neighboring countries.

The Water For Elephants Trust, with the approval of Botswana's Department of Wildlife and National Parks, reopens boreholes once operated by commercial hunting operations. These boreholes were closed prior to 2014 when Botswana implemented a hunting ban. Water For Elephants Trust provides sustainable water sources for the largest African Elephant population in the world with an array of other wildlife in an understudied and understood environment. We aim to aid in assisting the race for extinction, as we lose more than 8% of the African Elephant population each year by poachers killing them for their ivory.

Although Elephant are over populated in some areas of Botswana destroying their habitat, we have to look at the bigger picture and try to find a peaceful solution, and that is what Water For Elephants Trust is trying to do and we need all the support we can get with this large project.    

We have successfully reopened 4 bore holes with large distances in between, with water pumping 24 hours a day. On a hot November day in 2016, we counted 562 unique elephant visits to one borehole. With elephants consuming roughly 5% of their body weight of water per day, our work has just begun.

We are trying to disperse the elephants over a larger area so that they are not over populated. When there is to many elephants in a small area it has a large effect in creating an imbalance due to the pressure around water and food sources. We do have access to more than 900 000 hectares with permission granted from Botswana's government to supply water for wildlife so that we can create balanced ecosystems again and to create an environment for sustainable eco-tourism so that conservation in this area can continue for decades to come and that is our soul mission. This large area has bounty full food sources for wildlife and each species plays a vital role in maintaining a balance, there for we can not afford to lose a single specie of plant or animal.





Sustainable Ecotourism

Ecotourism will be boosted when wildlife return to areas they once inhabited.

Conservation Education

Programs for local school children to promote positive interactions with elephants and a better understanding of the challenges they face.


Ecosystem Protection

Sustain the health and wellbeing of local wildlife by supplying water and providing emergency veterinary care for local wildlife.