Our Mission

The Water For Elephants Trust, with the permission of Botswana's Department of Wildlife and National Parks, reopens boreholes once operated by commercial hunting operations. These boreholes were closed in 2014 when Botswana implemented a hunting ban. Water For Elephants Trust provides sustainable water sources for the largest African Elephant population in the world with an array of other wildlife in an understudied and understood environment.

Our Story

The Moller family, in partnership with the government, have began re-building and maintaining several boreholes in the area. But more action is needed as we lose more than 8% of the African Elephant population by poachers(illegal hunters) each year. With thousands flooding to Botswana each year from other stress full environments we have our work cut out to try and save the habitat surrounding the water sources that we provide them, there for our urgent goal is to use the vast open wilderness in this region and spread the elephants out evenly to protect the environment.  

What we do



Educate The Community On Conservation and Eco Tourism


Water Project

Sustain Vital Water Resources For Elephants and Other Wildlife to Prevent Human Animal Conflict and Destruction of Their Own Environment


Veterinary Care

Give Our Wildlife The Help They Need To The Greatest Extent We Are Able To