Indiegogo Prize Revealed!

Thank you to everyone who’s donated!

We’re excited to reveal the $25 donation prize - a carved wooden giraffe spoon from Kasane, Botswana.

The giraffe spoon was carved by woodworkers Solani and Mmotoki of Bossian Park Investments. The two have been working as woodworkers for eight years, and have lived in Kasane (near Botswana’s Chobe National Park) for six of them.

They carve the spoons from Mukwa wood. First, the wood is sanded by hand. The shaped pieces of wood are then darkened using a potassium solution.

Once they’ve dried Solani and Mmotoki use a nodge to scale and shape the wood, creating the giraffe’s spots and features.

Giraffes roam Botswana alongside the elephant, and they make nice decorative spoons.