24 Hour Wildlife Census


On 4 November 2017 we did a 24 hour Wildlife Census in a 25 km radius where WFET have been supplying water during the drought.

The census was a follow up on last years count. We have definitely made some progress within one year.

The largest number of animals counted was elephants and buffalo. We counted a 1 512 elephants in this small area in comparison to last years 1 800 + elephants. Having a smaller number of elephants is what we were aiming for due to opening boreholes further away so that we can disperse these animals so that there is less stress on the environment and other animals witch during the count also included buffalo, hyena, impala, kudu, leopard, lion, warthog and zebra.

This area contains much more than just elephants! It is a diverse ecosystem with many unclaimed insect and rodent species and also other general game and rare antelope species, therefor WFET finds it very urgent to expand the project so that we do not lose any of relationships between all the plants and animals that play a vital role to keep it a balanced ecosystem.